Whole House Fan Installation

Utilizing an attic fan is an economical and reliable manner to cool your whole house. While there are various choices and brands of these systems available in the marketplace, if you are searching to invest in a whole house fan – look into purchasing a system that is noiseless and free of maintenance.

Traditionally, whole house fans have been difficult to install, loud, and incredibly energy inefficient. As a local contractor that installs whole house attic fans, we prefer solely the top-performing options for our customers. QuietCool Fans will provide you with years of quiet maintenance-free use and more significantly natural cooling and ventilation of your residence while slashing your electric bill!

Today’s noiseless whole-house fans deliver an innovative design that makes it so muted you won’t even detect they’re operating. A flexible, well-insulated acoustical duct system that divides the motor from the intake grill, together with a suspended bracket decreases vibration and sound level to virtually silent.

Why Consider A Whole House Fan?

Essentially, cooling your house with air conditioning is expensive. The fee we give for electricity is not reducing. American’s spend an average of 22 billion dollars every year cooling their homes using an air conditioning unit.

Our Whole House Fan contractors are going to use a system which will:

  • Efficiently Cool Your house
  • Reduce Your Electricity Bill
  • Cool & Ventilate Your property

Current homes are made airtight. While this is beneficial for overall energy efficiency it might not be so good for our well-being. The Environmental Protection Agency has said, “If not enough outdoor air enters a dwelling, contaminants can occasionally build up to levels that may cause health and comfort complications.”

The Epa recommends elevating the quantity of outside air coming into your home. A whole house fan is a great means to get fresh outdoor air into your property!

The Department of Energy also advises the usage of a whole house fan. They claim, “Whole house ventilation by using a whole-house fan can be a replacement for an air conditioning system the majority of the year in the majority of environments. Whole house fans along with ceiling fans and additional circulating fans offer satisfactory summer comfort for the majority of households, even in hot weather”.

The present patented, safety-tested, and silent whole-house fans are definitely the decision for customers requiring powerful, energy-efficient fresh air cooling devices that suit their way of life.

Compared with air conditioning units that use a lot of energy to move chemically cooled air, our innovative whole house attic ventilation products use positive pressure to suck cool, refreshing outside air into your residence, while driving old hot air out at 15-20 times per hour.

This leads to an even more pleasant living condition, increased air quality, and lower AC use by 50-90%. Occasionally AC is avoided entirely!